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At eProfitsg, we help businesses stay ahead of the digital curve by empowering them with the right knowledge of the tech landscape before taking the big leap.

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Who are We?

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We are one of the fastest growing digital solutions consulting company in Singapore. Our expertise in creating compelling digital experiences for some of the most promising e commerce companies of the country help us in offering nothing but the smartest marketing and operational techniques for digital success. Through a collaborative relationship with industry’s finest analysts, AI engineers, digital transformation pioneers and brand consultants, we deliver incisive digital strategy for our customers.

Our Story

We are a firebrand group of youngsters who breathe digital. Our passion in discovering ‘what makes it click’ led to the birth of eProfitsg. Our experience working with several startups to niche service providers exposed us to the thin line of difference between successful and struggling businesses. If your customer is not offered a good website experience, the product value not clearly defined and navigation not made easy, he has every reason to switch to your competitor!
Thus, we at eProfitsg, starts from the where many companies give up/ lose. We work with you to create a strategy that builds your brand backed by robust values and aligned with customer sentiments. We strive to understand the way your organization is designed in order to optimize its everyday efficiency through cost-effective digital transformation solutions. Our strategy is inclusive of tactics to improve operational efficiency, user experience, customer reach and engagement. All solutions are suggested keeping in mind the latest technologies in your sector so that you are never behind the competition. We ensure you always get brand new opportunities to market your business.

Our Team

Calvin Tey
Jon Ren
Patrick Soh
Principal Consultant
Ketan Rana
Tech Director